Fun Fiesta – 2020

7th – 8th January
Winter season the season of celebrating the most awaited cultural events of New LJ College- The Fun Fiesta 2020. It is one of the event which we don’t miss out on such fun. The event was supported by the Principal and the facilities of the college. The cultural committee students and the volunteers proposed the themes for the fest. A team of 20-25 volunteers made an effort to decorate the college and even the photo booth.

The first day was “MISS MATCH” where the students dressed up with combination of various clothes and were ready to hit up the stage. We could witness wonderful fashion show, dances, singing and even the poetry recitation. The atmosphere of that day was on the peak. All the students were looking funny and dashing. The second day was the most popular “RETRO DAY”. The students in their retro look are ready to bring back the feel of 60’s and 70’s through dance performance and fashion sequences. Even the faculties were gone back to their old days. At last, there was DJ party were everyone dance with full of energy. The winter fest become successful because of the hard work of the volunteers and the anchors who set the activities on fire.

Cash prizes were given to the best performance as well as to the ones who were best dressed up as per the theme.