Tours have always remained the exciting parts of our life whether it is an adventure tour or education tour. We visited Dakshinamurti Industry (Akash Ceramics Private Limited) on 28th July, 2018 Saturday with 53 students of Semester 3 and 5.

Akash Ceramics Private Limited is located in a village named Rajpura, Gujarat. We started from the college at 8.30 AM.

The objective of the tour was to provide them practical exposure and to have an overview of the activities related to process of production and logistics carried out by Akash Ceramics Private Limited.

Akash Ceramics Private Limited is a private sector company incorporated in October 1995 and commenced operation in 1996. It has been now a dealer in the domestic as well as international market. The company explained us the following process in manufacturing of tiles: 
Raw material preparation – Wet milling – Spray drying – Pressing – Drying – Heating (Firing) – Glazing – Firing – Printing – Cutting – Packing.

We came back at 2.30 PM. It needs to be specifically mentioned that we were extended a warm hospitality by Mr. Paresh Akhani, the owner of the firm. Not only did he serve refreshments but also gave us gift. The industrial visit provided a necessary bridge between theory and practice.