B.Com – List of Subjects

(Semester wise)

Semester: I
Subject CodeSubject Name
CC101Fundamentals of Busi. Economics-I
CC102Human Resource Management
CC103Accountancy -I
CC104Communication in Business
CC105General English-Text & Composition
CE101Advanced Accounting & Auditing
SE101Advanced Statistics
FC-101Foundation Course
SS 101Soft Skill Course

Semester: II
Subject CodeSubject Name
CC106Fundamentals of Busi. Economics-II
CC107Human Resource Management
CC108Accountancy -II
CC109Communication in Business-II
CC110General English
CE102Financial Accounting – I
SE102Operations Research
FC-102Foundation Course
SS 102Soft Skill Course

Semester: III
Subject CodeSubject Name
CC201Int. Eco. & Pub. Fin./Eco. Of Govt. Fin
CC202Indian Financial System
CC204Commercial Communication
CC205Fundamental Statistics – I
CE201ACourse Accounting – I
CE202ACorporate Accounting
FC201Foundation Course
SS201Soft Skill Course
Semester: IV
Subject CodeSubject Name
CC206Economics of Growth & Finances
CC207Production Mangement
CC209Commercial Communication- IV
CC210Fundamental Statistics – II
CE203ACourse Accounting – II
CE204AAuditing – I
FC202Foundation Course
SS202Soft Skill Course

Semester: V
Subject CodeSubject Name
CC301Prob.Ind.Eco-1/Eco.of Int. Trade
CC302Marketing Mangement in Practice
CC303Business Law- I
CC304Corporate Communication
CC305Fundamental statistics-III
CE301ACost & Financial Accounting
CE302AMangement Accounting – I
FC301Foundation Course
SS302Soft Skill Course
Semester: VI
Subject CodeSubject Name
CC306Indian Business & Economic Environment
CC307Fundamentals of Financial Mangement
CC308Business Law- II
CC309Commercial Communication- VI
CC310Fundamental statistics-IV
CE303AMangement Accounting – II
CE304AAuditing – II
FC302Foundation Course
SS302Soft Skill Course